eresh_cloudy (eresh_cloudy) wrote in vintage_tv,

Old Cartoons and TV Themes!

For anyone interested...
And who has soulseek
I'm sharing lots of TV themes (songs, think: popples, mapletown, my little pony, jem&the holograms, she-ra, he-man, sledgehammer, 21 jumpstreet, punky brewster and many more)
Also old cartoon episodes
(videos, think: Candy candy, Thundercats, Dungeons&Dragons, He-Man, Transformers, My little pony, Pink panther, Fraggle rock)
Complete episodes and introclips

Enjoy :-)
It has made me very happy!

(More episodes on the way, even very hard to find TaoTao)
Note: most are in English, some in French
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October 19 2004, 11:25:48 UTC 12 years ago

En waar heb je die episodes dan? Bijvoorbeeld candy candy?
dit is al een oude entry, sindsdien heb ik mn pc moeten formatteren en ben ik vrijwel alles kwijtgeraakt, ook de complete serie candy candy :-(

deze is wel te downloaden via Emule!


October 19 2004, 23:23:49 UTC 12 years ago

je bedoelt zeker de frans/ spaanstalige. die ben ik inderdaad aan t downloaden...ik had nog een kleine hoop dat je de engelse/nederlandse had ;-)
ach ja dan maar mijn frans weer oppakken!

Do you have episodes of this serie?
Please can you contact me about that?

Thank you very much.

greetings Ylze.
too bad not anymore, I posted this a long time ago
since then had to format my pc and all :-(